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July's Birthstone RUBY IN ZOISITE





Found primarily in Tanzania, this stone is a natural fusion of  Ruby (July’s Birthstone) encapsulated in Zoisite. Very often you will find this stone mistaken for  Ruby in Fuchsite.  Below is a side-by-side comparison. 


 For me, the most distinct way to tell them apart is to look for the aqua border around ruby when found in Fuchsite, which also happens to be a little more aqua in color. 

It has a vibrant concentration of color but is great for spiritual connection and happy joyous vibes. 


This rare stone provides the energy of joy, happiness, and gratitude.  It is related to the Heart Chakra and helps to energize the heart and open it to divine love.  If you are going through the throes of grief this is a great stone to combat it.  




Patchwork Festival Recap

We presented our goods at the Patchwork Show which is a local makers market featuring 175 vendors.  The show is always free to attend and is a family, pet-friendly environment.  The market happens twice a year with a Winter Holiday and a Spring/Summer show, in various cities.  This year we were vendors at the Tustin show and at Long Beach this past weekend.  So if you missed one this past weekend catch us in the Fall!  A big thank you to all who came out and supported us!

Here are a few details of the show, and some pictures.  Show highlights from the show and of course some pictures.   

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7 Stones for grief


As it relates to grief (which I am deeply acquainted with), it is common to do just about ALL OF THE THINGS just to simply ease some of the pain and get a little relief.  Below I have included 7 crystals for grief to help aid in the healing process.  I hope this helps if you ever find yourself in the midst of bereavement.  Please let me know your thoughts, I'm interested in sharing even more ways of coping with loss. 


1. Amethyst- Known for aiding with difficulty sleeping amethyst soothes anxiousness and insomnia. Due to its use in helping foster connection to your higher power this stone can help sustain you as sometimes grief can cause doubt in your beliefs and separation.

2. Black Onyx- Is a grounding and centering stone that provides strength, and promotes stamina, which is well needed as mourning can render you zapped of motivation and energy. Another plus to this stone is that like many black stones it absorbs negative energy and is a great protection tool against all the unwanted strife that sometimes accompanies loss.

3. Lepidolite- A rare stone of sorts raises consciousness and soothes as well as provides calm.

4. Rose Quartz- Known as the Love Stone, rose quartz helps stimulate self-love and care and nurture the love and kindness that may not be readily accessible. It can be extremely difficult to maintain self-care habits so Rose Quartz can help combat that.

5. Moonstone- Stones with high vibrations can help you reach a higher state of being. Often times with grief the goal is to get gradual relief until you are able to reach a state of acceptance and then peace.

6. Pyrite- Lack of sleep, lack of basic self-care, and the stress during a loss can be physically taxing on your system. For this reason, pyrite supports your adrenal gland and prevents burnout.

7. Smokey Quartz- This smoky variety of quartz can help sustain and keep you rooted as your emotions ebb and flow. Consider this stone to anchor you while processing your darker thoughts.

Placing stones on a bedside table, under your bed, in your bra, or wearing them in jewelry are all ways you can use them for support. If you place it in your bra just be mindful to avoid funny public situations.


Thanks for reading. We hope this helps!


5 ways to get back to YOU!



Every year we can become more and more of ourselves.

Sometimes this takes intention and action on our part. Especially if we have been giving so much that we find oversells lost, depleted, or feeling like a fraction of ourselves. Other times life hits so hard that you are just barley staying afloat.  If you've experienced a life altering event that renders you unsure of yourself or whatever the circumstance if you are feeling lake a former version of you, here are a few tips to lead you back home. 


1. Write a list of 1-100 things you use to like to do when you were a child. Ex: Being in nature, gardening, skipping, coloring, kissing, swinging....

I mean it!  Think about the things you use to do as a child that made you happy. Get in touch with your inner child. If you don't remember you can always just write down things that will bring you joy now. Perhaps something that you've wanted to do but haven't made time to do.


2. Get out and DO it! Spend some time doing some of the things on your list. The Artist's Way is a life changing book that I highly recommend.  Julia Cameron the author suggest going on weekly artist dates, where you take you (and just you) out and treat yourself. It can be a trip to the farmers market where you purchase your favorite in season fruit, or to a thrift store, buy a box of old school candy ( and don't share it)... The point being get in tune again.  Because often times we forget what we even like to do.  Referring to the list will keep you connected.


3. Visualize who you want to be. You may be so clouded that you need to totally reinvent yourself like the Phoenix.  In this case visualization is a powerful tool.  Take 5-10 minutes each day, or as often as you can to visualize and feel into the person you want to become.

Ex: Create a vision board with aspirational pictures, and or journal what this version of you would be, and feel like.


4. Search the Holy Text for Scriptures on who GOD Says you are!  What better way to remember who you are than by reading the CREATOR'S thoughts on the matter.  Write down the ones that align the most with you.


5. Say affirmations daily.  You could refer to #4 and create affirmations from the scriptures you wrote, or create some new ones that resonate.  Visualize who you are becoming and affirm those characteristics! 


I hope this helps.


The power of Color

Across cultures colors represent similar feelings.  There are many books, and countless studies on how color can affect us.  Color therapy also known as Chromotherapy has been a powerful tool in healing physical and mental health.  


What I find fascinating is that many of the stone meanings directly correlate to the color of the stone.  This guide is a great place to start when approaching what colors may work best for you.  Always pay attention to how the color makes you feel, intuition matters too!



Chakras! What are they?

Hi and welcome to my newsletter. Today we will talk a little about chakras, their role in the body and what crystals and stones can help keep them in tip-top condition.


What are chakras?

You are more than your physical body. The physical body is the house of universal energy (chi) that flows through it. The energy flows through points in the body called chakras (a Sanskrit word that means “wheel of light”). Chakras cannot be seen with the naked eye as they are not physical organs. The chakras are like little wheels that rotate or spin as the energy flows through them, nourishing your body. When energy enters the chakra, it enters as yin energy and when it flows through it exits as yang energy. This allows the body to remain balanced. 

There are seven major chakras in the body. These are energy points (loosely located along the spine – see diagram). 

These can become blocked or clogged when we experience trauma, upset, bullying, etc. They can also become unbalanced when we over or under use them, for example, obsessing about things. Once the energy is prevented from flowing freely, it can cause a blockage, and this means the energy no longer flows freely. If this happens and is not addressed, then ultimately it may lead to a physical manifestation of illness in the body. When your energy flow is good then your chakras will all receive.

The energy that flows through the body has an effect on your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 


Quick Description of chakras and their roles

Here is a quick overview of each of their chakras and what their roles in our live are. We will start at the base of the spine.


Chakra Location

Chakra Name


Aspect Of Self


Root Chakra



Basic survival, security

Black Obsidian

Sacral Chakra



Pleasure, creativity, passion



Solar Plexus Chakra



Personal power, self-esteem


Heart Chakra



Love, compassion

Rose Quartz

Throat Chakra



Communication, self-expression

Blue Lace Agate

"Third Eye" Brow Chakra



Concentration, psychic intuition


Crown Chakra



Connection with the Divine



This is just a really quick look at chakras, but even from this you can see that each chakra is responsible for different aspects of you. Each chakra has a different vibration and along with that it has its own color, symbol, and sound.


Crystals and chakras

Crystals each have their own vibration and when that vibration is connected with its corresponding chakra, it can be used to help remove any blockages in that chakra, thus healing it. Crystals do not need to be placed directly on a chakra to work. They can be worn on the body as a piece of jewelry or placed in a room where you spend time.

By wearing a full chakra bracelet or necklace, you can ensure your chakras all remain balanced. However, if you have issues with just one or two areas, then a piece of jewelry with the relevant crystal or gemstone will help heal it. Check out our full range now.

The benefits of AQUAMARINE

Aquamarine is commonly associated with the month of March, so if your birthday is this month, its energies will be more powerful for you.


Aquamarine is a delightful shade of blue-green and is very calming and soothing. This makes it very beneficial for people born under the sun sign of Aries, as it can help calm and balance the emotions before they become too extreme.

Above is a very brief overview of what aquamarine can do for you. It has many more physical, emotional, and spiritual properties. Very often a crystal will call to you. Your inner self knows what you need to be the best version of yourself, and very often it will let you know which crystal or combination of crystals you need via intuition. By paying attention to your intuition, you will be able to address an issue or problem before it gets out of hand. Crystals can be used in their raw state or you can wear a piece of jewelry with your chosen crystal embedded in it. We have a great range to choose from.


Crystal Journal

Keeping a crystal journal is an excellent way to track what crystals you have used for what purpose and its results. It will also give you confidence in your healing. You may not notice much at first, but as you look back over the journal you will notice patterns that will help you identify uses for the future.


Good luck in your crystal healing adventure.

How to choose a piece of handmade jewelry

When you choose a piece of handmade artisan jewelry, you are purchasing a piece of work directly from the artist hands. This gives it special meaning and value. Much thought and design knowledge has gone into creating your special jewelry piece. It can feel so special to know that you are one, of very few people in the world who own the very piece that you have.  Here are some guidelines to help you make the best selection:


  • Are you buying handmade jewelry for yourself or as a gift?

     Handmade artisan jewelry makes a very special gift. It shows you’ve taken the time to select a piece not found in a department store or produced on the mass market. This will be reflected in the beautiful craftsmanship that the individual artist adds to the piece. There’s often the option of having a custom design created by the artisan exclusively for your special gift giving needs.

    When you buy handmade jewelry, you’re often getting the highest level of creativity and design because the artist has complete control over each phase of the creative process. You’ll have a unique piece of handmade jewelry you can wear with pride.


    • Do you like a classical look or do you lean more towards a funky, eclectic style?

       If you prefer the classics, you may want to consider purchasing a single strand necklace with matching bracelet and earrings, possibly in a solid color. This kind of look never goes out of style and looks elegant on any occasion.

      If you lean towards the funky, eclectic look, consider wearing a larger, chunkier necklace or layering several smaller necklaces for a unique and bold look.  You can also choose larger rings that give a cocktail feel.  Who says the earrings have to match the necklace? You can choose necklace and earring combination that suits your own unique personality. 


      • What is your basic body build? Are you tall or short, petite or top heavy?

         If you have a petite build, you may find more delicate pieces are appropriate, so you aren’t overpowered by your jewelry. A petite woman can look quit dramatic in a large necklace if it’s worn with a solid colored outfit and is the focal point of her look. In a situation like this, you might want to choose a smaller more delicate pair of earrings to avoid looking overdone.

         If you’re tall or larger boned, the sky’s the limit. You will find big and dramatic pieces quite flattering and you can easily pull off the layered look.

        Although the above is a general guideline, there are no hard and fast rules. Jewelry is all about expressing yourself the way you see fit!


        •    What jewelry would be complimentary?

          Again, there are no hard and fast rules here at all. I believe you should wear what you feel good in!

          Jewelry is fantastic for drawing the eye to your most flattering features and pulling the eyes away from your less desirable ones. If you have a round shaped face, a round earring shape will only accent it. Why not try an interesting drop style to draw the eye downward. If you have a long, narrow face, you might want to avoid the drop style earring and go for a shorter button type.

          Do you love your hands? Accent them with a beautiful handmade bracelet! Likewise a nice manicured hand can be accented with a handful of artisan rings.

          Jewelry can change the way you look and feel. Have fun developing your own signature look, and or picking out the perfect handcrafted gift!

          The Spirit of Turquoise Jewelry

          Wearing turquoise jewelry is not a fad or a fashion statement. Wearing turquoise jewelry is a timeless spirit. Like the turquoise stone itself, wearing turquoise jewelry envelopes your body and soul with profound feelings of life, fortune, and healing. Whether you wear turquoise jewelry casually against a bare neck with jeans or more formally against the backdrop of a silky black evening gown, the spiritual turquoise stones wrapped in intricate Native American silver designs will hypnotize all those who cast eyes upon you.


          Turquoise jewelry has been around since 5500 BC when it was worn by Ancient Egyptians and the Queen Zar. Spider green turquoise jewelry was valued above gold in Tibet and often used as currency. Persians lay claim to the finest turquoise mined anywhere in the world at Nishapur. Early Persians used turquoise jewelry for trading, and it wouldn’t be long before the spiritual stories of turquoise and turquoise jewelry spread throughout the world.


          Turquoise was thought by many to be associated with every aspect of life itself. Some people believed turquoise jewelry had healing powers strong enough to cure snakebites and prevent blindness and insanity. Early Native American cultures of North and South America believed turquoise jewelry could bring about positive dreams, predict good and bad fortunes, and forecast the weather. The Apache believed attaching turquoise jewelry to a gun would help it shoot straight. Turquoise jewelry was also used in treaty agreements. Even today, many cultures believe the spirit of turquoise jewelry attracts good luck, good health, and good fortune.

          Probably the most prominent design of turquoise jewelry, yet the least documented of all designs, has come to be known as The Squash Blossom. Nobody knows where the turquoise jewelry design got its name, but the modern day Squash Blossom design shares its origins with both the Navajo and Zuni Native American cultures.   Yet, it was early non-Indian cultures before 1880 that began using parts of the modern day Squash Blossom design to adorn horses, buildings, and clothes. It was thought by most early Spanish-Mexican settlers that these turquoise jewelry adornments would bring about fertile crops.


          Turquoise is usually formed in regions with high volcanic or thermal activity and the best turquoise is typically found about 100 feet below the earth’s surface. Turquoise needs copper, aluminum, water and phosphorus to form. Elements like iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and silicon help to create the different colors and hardness of turquoise. Rare gem grade turquoise stones can sell for as high as $40 per carat.  Depending on where they were mined Gem grade stones can sell for around $10 to $20 per carat.   High-grade stones targeted for Turquoise jewelry sell for around $5 to $7 per carat.  Most turquoise jewelry is made with investment quality stones at around $2 to $5 per carat, but at this quality level, these softer stones will probably change colors over time.


          The spirit of turquoise jewelry has been central to Southwestern civilizations for over 2000 years. Its ageless beauty, cultural mystique, and popular Native American designs have made turquoise jewelry timeless. Wear turquoise jewelry anytime, anywhere, with anything, and feel the spirit!

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