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  • 5 ways to get back to YOU!
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    aingeel Talley

5 ways to get back to YOU!



Every year we can become more and more of ourselves.

Sometimes this takes intention and action on our part. Especially if we have been giving so much that we find oversells lost, depleted, or feeling like a fraction of ourselves. Other times life hits so hard that you are just barley staying afloat.  If you've experienced a life altering event that renders you unsure of yourself or whatever the circumstance if you are feeling lake a former version of you, here are a few tips to lead you back home. 


1. Write a list of 1-100 things you use to like to do when you were a child. Ex: Being in nature, gardening, skipping, coloring, kissing, swinging....

I mean it!  Think about the things you use to do as a child that made you happy. Get in touch with your inner child. If you don't remember you can always just write down things that will bring you joy now. Perhaps something that you've wanted to do but haven't made time to do.


2. Get out and DO it! Spend some time doing some of the things on your list. The Artist's Way is a life changing book that I highly recommend.  Julia Cameron the author suggest going on weekly artist dates, where you take you (and just you) out and treat yourself. It can be a trip to the farmers market where you purchase your favorite in season fruit, or to a thrift store, buy a box of old school candy ( and don't share it)... The point being get in tune again.  Because often times we forget what we even like to do.  Referring to the list will keep you connected.


3. Visualize who you want to be. You may be so clouded that you need to totally reinvent yourself like the Phoenix.  In this case visualization is a powerful tool.  Take 5-10 minutes each day, or as often as you can to visualize and feel into the person you want to become.

Ex: Create a vision board with aspirational pictures, and or journal what this version of you would be, and feel like.


4. Search the Holy Text for Scriptures on who GOD Says you are!  What better way to remember who you are than by reading the CREATOR'S thoughts on the matter.  Write down the ones that align the most with you.


5. Say affirmations daily.  You could refer to #4 and create affirmations from the scriptures you wrote, or create some new ones that resonate.  Visualize who you are becoming and affirm those characteristics! 


I hope this helps.


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    aingeel Talley

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