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The Beauty and Power of Essences Created by Nature

nourishing, healing, and beautifying products for the hair, body and soul

Anu Essentials have nature based ingredients…

Our products aim to please and delight you, from our herb-based hair and skin care products to natural perfumes and resin incense! With their beautiful scents and our plant-based ingredients, health and beauty work together in tandem.

We  invite you to experience our  all-natural luxury skincare collection. Drawn from ancient beauty secrets, we use the finest exotic and nutrient rich ingredients sourced and harvested from sustainable resources.

Our essentials are inspired by the purity of ancient holistic wisdom combined with modern day intelligence and a dash of sash.


Anu Essentials was created by Anu Prestonia, the acclaimed beauty-industry innovator specializing in natural hair care.


In keeping with the foundation of healthy options for the whole person, Anu launched her line of natural hair and body care products in the summer of 2012. The Anu Essentials product line is an outgrowth of Anu’s passion for the beauty and power of essences created by nature. Anu is inspired by botanicals for the purposes of nourishing, healing and beautifying and believes these substances are amazing treasures given to us by the Creator for our delight and for healing.

Anu has enjoyed the discovery process and the artistry of blending botanicals to formulate products for the hair, skin and also for creating her new passion, natural perfumes. Having worked with botanicals for more than 30 years infusing them in her products, Anu continues to be fascinated by the alluring pull of herbs and essences, and believes their healing powers and fragrant aromas are a sacred gift to us all.

Anu is also a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, A Reiki Practitioner, and a lover of nature.

Aingeel - Z Jewelry & Accessories is honored to continue the production of this fine product line. We think this is a perfect fit and trust you will love them as much as we do.

Anu Essentials products are now available for purchase!

We ask for your understanding and grace during this transitional period.  


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    aingeel Talley
  • anu essential oilsanu essentialsanu prestonia

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