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  • July's Birthstone RUBY IN ZOISITE
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    aingeel Talley

July's Birthstone RUBY IN ZOISITE





Found primarily in Tanzania, this stone is a natural fusion of  Ruby (July’s Birthstone) encapsulated in Zoisite. Very often you will find this stone mistaken for  Ruby in Fuchsite.  Below is a side-by-side comparison. 


 For me, the most distinct way to tell them apart is to look for the aqua border around ruby when found in Fuchsite, which also happens to be a little more aqua in color. 

It has a vibrant concentration of color but is great for spiritual connection and happy joyous vibes. 


This rare stone provides the energy of joy, happiness, and gratitude.  It is related to the Heart Chakra and helps to energize the heart and open it to divine love.  If you are going through the throes of grief this is a great stone to combat it.  




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    aingeel Talley

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