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  • Fall Equinox & Five Benefits of Embracing Autumn
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    aingeel Talley

Fall Equinox & Five Benefits of Embracing Autumn

Fall Equinox

Today, Thursday, September 22nd marks the beginning of the Fall season or fall equinox.

The Fall Equinox is the astronomical moment when the Sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south. This occurs on September 22, 23, or 24 every year. In the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of fall (autumn), while in the Southern Hemisphere it marks the beginning of spring.

Equinoxes happen twice a year (around March 20 and September 22), when day and night are of roughly equal duration all over the world and the Sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west. The word "equinox" comes from Latin, meaning "equal night."

During an equinox, the tilt of Earth's axis is neither pointing towards nor away from the Sun. As a result, there is an equal amount of daylight and nighttime across most latitudes on Earth. The only exception is at the poles, where there are 24 hours of sunlight (during summer) or 24 hours of darkness (during winter).

The fall equinox is not only important for agriculture, but for our weather and spiritual well-being too. When this astronomical event  takes place, a moment of stillness takes place before the Earth shifts in direction. Our days become longer and the nights shrink shorter. There are some of us who may experience a decrease in energy the same way the temperature decreases in heat. 

There is also the opportunity to take inventory of the parts that are working versus not working within each department of your life (work, school, family, love, etc.). If there are negative thoughts, feelings, or people you are holding onto from previous seasons, the Fall Equinox can encourage you to let go and release that which isn’t serving you while embracing that which is. 

The Fall Equinox encourages us to slow down, stop and smell the roses by engaging with our self-awareness. Think about the things you can do to practice self-care, rest, and self-awareness in the most effective way for you. Going with the flow of this transitional period can help you prepare for the next season while soaking in gratitude for how far you’ve come.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy this season!

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    aingeel Talley

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