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The benefits of AQUAMARINE

Aquamarine is commonly associated with the month of March, so if your birthday is this month, its energies will be more powerful for you.


Aquamarine is a delightful shade of blue-green and is very calming and soothing. This makes it very beneficial for people born under the sun sign of Aries, as it can help calm and balance the emotions before they become too extreme.

Above is a very brief overview of what aquamarine can do for you. It has many more physical, emotional, and spiritual properties. Very often a crystal will call to you. Your inner self knows what you need to be the best version of yourself, and very often it will let you know which crystal or combination of crystals you need via intuition. By paying attention to your intuition, you will be able to address an issue or problem before it gets out of hand. Crystals can be used in their raw state or you can wear a piece of jewelry with your chosen crystal embedded in it. We have a great range to choose from.


Crystal Journal

Keeping a crystal journal is an excellent way to track what crystals you have used for what purpose and its results. It will also give you confidence in your healing. You may not notice much at first, but as you look back over the journal you will notice patterns that will help you identify uses for the future.


Good luck in your crystal healing adventure.