Consider wearing Herkimer diamonds, they are high-vibration, high-frequency stones! They have a high crystal clear luster and are a variety of crystal quartz. It helps you to attune to the Divine. Quartz is the Master healer stone described as a spiritual antenna. It is said to make truth and intentions more clear.

April's modern birthstone is beautiful and helpful. We will be posting about this stone all month!

Our new offering is all about Romance and Love.  We tapped into our sultry and feminine vibes.  We are offering new waist beads strands as well as some Rose Gold / Rose Quartz items that we have restocked. 

"Whether with a lover or none.  

I reek of love.  

I stink of love. 

- Nayyirah Waheed 

Inspired by fun yummy flavors, created just in time for spring!