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Out with the old and in with the new! Jewelry box organization.

How To Clean Your Jewelry Box This 2018

 Jewelry Storage

The New Year has arrived and its time to make room for all the exciting things 2018 has to offer. Instead of waiting till spring arrives to commence spring-cleaning let’s start now in the one place we forget to clean, our jewelry box!

Lets get started!

Now if you’re like me and have tons of jewelry this may take an hour or so... I first like to start off by collecting all my jewelry and placing each piece neatly on my bed. Then I make three piles, first pile for jewelry I want to keep, second pile for jewelry that needs to be fixed, and the third pile for jewelry I want to donate. Each pile will vary in size as you sort through your pieces, and don’t worry if your ‘keep pile’ is small remember New Year means new jewels!

You’re probably wondering, how will I know what jewelry to place in what pile? Well, I’ve made it easy for you, if you follow the steps down below your jewelry box will be 2018 ready!

Sorting Jewelry Steps


  1. First, sort through all the pieces you want to keep and set them aside in your keep pile.  Ask yourself, "does this item bring me joy"? If so hold on to it. 
  2. Second, for jewelry pieces that needs fixing. Note, "if it is tarnished, missing a clasp, earring hook, or if it broken"? If so, set them aside to take to be repaired.  Please remember that Aingeel-Z does jewelry polishing, and is happy to help revive your jewels.
  3. Next, your donate pile should be a pile of your barley worn, stretched out bracelets, missing earrings, or any other jewelry you find unappealing or uninspiring.
  4. Now that you’ve sorted through all your pieces its time to place each pile in their proper home. Place the keep pile nice and neatly in your jewelry box, set aside your fix-to-keep pile and make an appointment with Aingeel-Z Jewelry to have your pieces assessed for repair. Lastly, place your donating pile in a bag or box and donated it to your local thrift store.

Finished Look

 Congrats! You did it, sorting through your jewelry is tedious work and now you can enjoy your jewelry box in all its glory for 2018. And remember if you need any repairs or redesigning of your fashion or precious jewelry Aingeel-Z Jewelry and Accessories would be happy to assist.



5 Easy Steps To Cleaning Your Jewelry At Home

While visiting my grandma in Virginia, we bonded while polishing silver. She told me stories, we laughed and it's a memory I'll always hold near and dear. I learned you should always value the things you love by taking good care of them. And simple things like cleaning your jewelry goes a long way.  


When's the last time you cleaned your jewelry? You can always tag us in your before and after photos on Instagram using the hashtag #aingeelzjewelry. 


What You'll Need:
  • Small bowl
  • 1 tablespoon table salt
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon dish detergent
  • 1 cup hot water
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper towel
  • Soft toothbrush


SPRING 2016 STONE COLLECTION: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals and Color

We a happy to present to you our newly designed stone collection.  New pieces are constantly being added that we are eager to share, and will continue to keep you updated on the many projects in the works!  Please leave us your feedback.  Aingeel-Z values your opinion.  For that reason please take 30% off all orders at check out.
PLEASE USE COUPON CODE: SS2016sale at checkout!

Black Tourmaline is the premier stone of protection, it deflects and dispels negative energies, entities or destructive forces. Sterling silver, in textured organic shape.
Agate is a stone of balance, peace, and precision. Has a sterling silver band and design, features a rich blue, drusy stone with adjustable shank.
An energy amplifier, Quartz is the most versatile and powerful healing stone in the mineral kingdom. Gold, sparkling crystal points.
Thank you,

STUDDED leather accessories collection is reborn: Rock Star Earrings

The STUDDED collection is reborn... This line is "heavily" inspired by all of the metal accents seen in fashion today.   The severe angles found on spikes, and studs provide a soft contrast to the glitz and shimmer of metallic Italian leathers.

Who could resist?  Surely not a motorcycle clad fashionista.  Look in any magazine and find this edgy-rocker-tom-girl-chic theme.